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They (ten tips)

Good Nutrition: How to Combat Stress with Good Nutrition  

You’re Never Too Busy For Good Nutrition!


As we get busy and stressed, we tend to make poor nutritional choices that can actually increase our stress levels and cause other problems. Here are ten tips for getting good nutrition and maintaining a more healthy diet, even under stress. After a few weeks, they’ll become habit and you won’t even have to think about good nutrition. And your body—not to mention your stress level—will feel the difference!
Eat Breakfast: You may rationalize that you’re not hungry yet, that you don’t have time, that lunch will come soon enough, that you need to diet anyway, or that the milk in the latte you pick up on the way is all the good nutrition you need. But skipping breakfast makes it harder to maintain stable blood sugar levels and effective functioning during your busy morning; you need it. (You can easily grab a hard-boiled egg and container of orange juice on your way out the door, right?)
Opt For Green Tea: If you’re a coffee junkie, you may not realize
the effects caffeine has on your system. However, you can reduce your stress levels and improve your mental performance throughout the day if you gradually wean yourself off of large amounts of caffeine. A relatively easy and healthy way to do that is to replace coffee with decafinated green tea, which has a soothing taste and the added benefit of loads of antioxidants.

Try Sparkling Juice or Perrier: If you’re a cola drinker, you’re probably experiencing the same
health consequences from caffeine that coffee drinkers experience. A more healthful alternative is sparkling fruit juice, or sparkling water. You’ll still be getting a refreshing treat, but you’ll be adding water to your system, rather than detracting it (caffeine saps your system of water, so drinking it is akin to un-drinking water!), and you’ll be avoiding other caffeine-related side effects.
Carry a Snack: Having some protein-rich, healthful snacks in your car, office, or purse can help you avoid blood sugar level dips and accompanying mood swings and fatigue. Trail mix, granola bars, and certain energy bars all contain good nutrition. Along these lines, you should always have water handy, as it’s so vital to health and proper physical functioning.



A. Categorias lexicales y uso del diccionario.

1. Selecciona un texto relacionado con tu area de interes.

  • Identifica 3 palabras que no conoces. Buscalas en el diccionario, escribe su significado en español.. Agrega las abreviaciones. Indicar que tipo de palabra es (contenido- funcion)
     PALABRAS        SIGNIFICADO                      ABREVIATURAS         TIPO DE PALABRA      

- enough:                       suficiente                             Adj - Adv                            contenido   

- getting:                         conseguir                                  v                                    contenido

-  skipping:                     saltarse                                     v                                    contenido

2. Idea principal del texto (en español). Explique que dice el texto en sus propias palabras.

A quí tienen diez consejos para conseguir una buena nutrición y el mantenimiento de una dieta más saludable, incluso bajo estrés 3. Categorias lexicales: (2 ejemplos por categoria)

Palabras de contenido: busy ,  diet.

Palabras de Función: or , in, on.

Sustantivos: Breakfast, milk

Verbos: getting, make,maintaining . 

Adverbio: easily, actually

Adjetivo: stressed, hungry

Artículo:  a , the

Preposiciones: to, of , under

Conjunción: and ,  but.

Cognados verdaderos: stressed, problems

Cognados Falsos: large(largo): grande, improve(improvisar) mejorar

Sufijo: relatively, gradually

Prefijos:decafinated,  replace.

B. Estructura de la oracion:

1. Seleccione dos oraciones de un texto relacionado con su experticia. (Incluya referencia)

A.- A more healthful alternative is sparkling fruit juice, or sparkling water.

Frase nominal:  A more healthful alternative

Nucleo de la frase nominal: alternative

Pre modificadores: A more healthful

Post modificadores: no presenta

Frase verbal: sparkling fruit juice, or sparkling water

Nucleo de la frase verbal: is

Tiempo verbal: presente simple

B.- Here are ten tips for getting good nutrition and maintaining a more healthy diet, even under stress.

Frase nominal:  Here

Nucleo de la frase nominal: Here
Pre modificadores: no presenta
Post modificadores: no presenta 

Frase verbal: ten tips for getting good nutrition and maintaining a more healthy diet, even under stress.
Nucleo de la frase verbal: are 
Tiempo verbal: presente simple

2. señales algunos referenctes presentes en su texto  

it (breakfast)

they (ten tips)

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